Some Things Never Change

If you are wondering, this wasn't my typical HS style. This photo
showcases "NERD DAY" Homecoming Week 2008. 
Currently I am typing this whilst watching Twilight. The first movie, the terrible screen play that I was OBSESSED with when it premiered circa 2008. Seriously, I saw it in the theater FOUR TIMES. I watch it now and I am judging myself. 
The scene where Bella knocks over her lunch and Edward catches the apple in essence of the book cover, just happened. OHHH HOW CLEVER. Senior in high school Kara thought that was just to die for. Loving Twilight is the equivalent of present day 80’s teens painfully reflecting on why they thought crispy hair and blue eyeshadow was cool. 

If you too are picking up what I’m putting down, fear not. We weren’t totally lost on attending all the midnight premiers for this saga. In between cringing I have found some redeeming qualities to the flick. 
My twihard love has not entirely evaporated — and I just really enjoy list making. Check it: 

  1. Robert Pattinson- I am still feeling him. Even working the albino look. Truly he is every sorority girl's dream: a man made of glitter. 
  2. Kristen Stewart - no comment. 
  3. Anna Kendrick blossomed out of all of this. She wasn’t Bella, but she eventually became BECCA which is even better. It’s ACA AWESOME. 
  4. Cam Gigandet is the bad guy, but his shirt is off and i’m still pleased with that. 
  5. When I want to get my friends to admit to something I can throw this at them: “SAY IT. OUTLOUD. SAY IT” and its funny because of the awkward scene in the movie where Bella calls out Edward for basically DYING to have her as a cocktail. 
List making complete and on to my point. Maybe things don’t all together change, but grow as we do. I mean I still feel the same about ole Eddie. He continues to get me a tad hot and bothered and although I may not be crazed about the series anymore, I look fondly on the time when I was. I am aware that some habits and opinions I have throughout life won’t altogether change, but morph.

For instance, today I was driving and I realize I am holding on to my purse in the passenger seat so it doesn’t fall. LOL. Maybe I should just strap a seat belt on Kate — SAFETY FIRST. I want to make sure all my lipsticks are protected. 
One day this will be a child — something worth the “mom stiff arm” when the car comes to an abrupt stop. 

I’m still crazy about Disney and the idea of magical love (now I enjoy a dash of rated R-ness.) I recently saw Cinderella and it affirmed my desire for impossible romance. SIGH. If you haven’t seen it — go now. I’m serious, stop reading this and go buy a ticket. It was beautifully done. The colors, the camera angle, the actors — perfection. It painted the portrait of Cindy as strong, courageous, and kind. (You know I love some girl power.) Most importantly Prince Charming had his tight pants on. I’m talking tight pants that would rival Jimmy Fallon’s. When it comes to packages, PC was DELIVERING. 

The more I reflect, the more I think whatever we are doing and whoever we grow into, it is important to remember what we value at different points in our lives. Right now, I am at a stage where I can be selfish. I am able to give precedence to hair appointments, late night outings to support the CATS, and vodka. I am able to effortlessly plan girls nights or have “me time” any time I desire. I am free to chase after my dreams. There are things that are important to me now that will go out the door once a husband and children are added to the mix. 

I want to remember the ideas that shape me, what exactly makes me “ME” at each stage of my life. Some of my opinions will change and some will simply mature as I do. I want to make an effort to remember every part of that as I continue my trek to adulthood. I want to give credence to the fictional soul mates I have grown up idolizing. I don’t want to care so much about material things. I want to soak up each chapter of my book of life. I’m not sure where my path will take me, but on the journey I want to give credit to what is important to me at each stop. 
If I know one thing is certain it is that I will continue attending midnight premieres as long as I can. Lets face it: I won’t ever grow out of Magic Mike. They can continue making those cinematic master pieces as long as Channing allows. 

To my lovers and my haters:


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