Meet Chase McNary

Oops I did it again.
My plans are typically of the go big or go home variety and it is this very idea which makes me tougher than I look. I’m not afraid to have my feelings hurt and I’m not afraid to be told no. However, every now and then someone appreciates my tenacity and comes along for the ride.

This month I had the pleasure of speaking with Chase McNary; a man who is easy on the eyes, passionate, and driven. Your heart may skip a beat after viewing imagery with him as the focal point, but don’t be deceived. It is the latter qualities that make him so appealing. It was more than refreshing to talk to a fellow millennial who shares commitment to hard work and dedication to ensuring success. Chase pushes boundaries beyond his comfort zone and he wants you to do the same. 

I made sure to start our interview with a deep and meaningful question…

Boxers or Briefs? 

I’m definitely more of a briefs kinda guy. Even more so than briefs, I’m actually most comfortable in Nike Pro Combat or compression shorts. 

Side note: Look how he goes the extra mile here — giving his all right off the bat. Personally, I enjoyed the attention to detail. 

Second Side Note: This question was my sister’s submission. She asked I give her credit and I obliged. 

I don’t want your time on the Bachelorette to be the focus of our conversation, but we have to touch on it — OBVI. 
Do you feel like they got your personality right or did any of the editing miss the mark?

They are constantly filming. If you are talking they are filming you. For me, they did cut out quite a bit of who I am. I kind of got labeled as more bland or boring and there is reason for that. I’m not used to being in front of a camera, especially a $30,000 HD camera that takes three people to operate. On top of that you’re talking about your feelings. Laughs — I mean you’re talking about love in front of a camera. 

This is cliche, BUT — when you popped open that beer…

That was as real and raw as it gets. I knew every single car had a cooler of booze in the back. So in the “depression mobile” after I got dumped, I said give me one of those and cracked it open. 

This may sound weird, but I really loved your mom. I would date you to be friends with your mom. 

Oh yeah, my mom is my best friend. She's hilarious. She had too much fun with it for sure. Even all the production crew would say how awesome she was. She had snowball fights with the cameramen in between filming. 

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After doing a little research on your social media I realized how prevalent the lion was. Tell me about your fascination with lions. 

Lions. I mean — it’s something that has kind of been a piece of me and has developed into a bigger piece of me over time. I think it started really with The Lion King. It was my favorite disney movie growing up. 

Side note: Simba means Chase in Swahili. Nala means Kara. Interesting...  

When I turned 16, the film for The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe came out and I got my truck about that same time. I named it Aslan and that’s really when the Lion fascination took off. It lead me to my favorite quote which is:

“Declare yourself as bold as a lion, for he who is in you, is greater than he who is in this world”  

I have a little bit of my own interpretation of that quote and it’s essentially what my tattoo is about. And you know, it’s one of those things that family and friends have always known. Laughs — It makes it easy for them to get me gifts even. 

What is your interpretation?

It is a biblical quote and I am somewhat religious. My own interpretation is more so that if you can have an understanding of who you are, who your soul is, and the strength and power of your own mind and your thoughts — it is so much greater than the person you see walking around on this planet. It goes for every single person in this world. There is so much more to everybody, inside of them, than what we see. It’s just being able to tap into that: being as bold as a lion every single time. 

Chase mentioned the photo below for a better description. I was more than happy to include it — purely because of it’s enhancement to our dialogue.

It seems like this mentality is also within your apparel business. Tell me more about Lucid Blvd. 

Lucid Blvd is something that one of my good friends [Sean McCarthy] out of college started. I was with him as he was building this company and I was like lets collaborate — make me a partner and I can help try and grow this company with you. 

I wanted to take a different route. I didn't want to sell out on my instagram and start pushing teeth whitening or skinny tea. Thats not me. This was more fun and definitely more challenging. We are constantly learning the entire way.

I love that the Lucid Blvd mission statement reminds us to laugh… 

I wrote that mission statement. One of the first things I did was rewrite what Sean had. Laughs — I was like this sounds horrible, please let me redo it.
Join the movement! On Lucid Blvd we aspire to bring a BOLD lifestyle, a DARING free spirit, and an UNFILTERED sense of humor back into society. We know that life is short, so we encourage you to push your comfort zone. Try something new. Test your limits, but most of all, don't forget to laugh!

Creativity, Positivity, Control. Based off of what I see on your social accounts, these three words seem to define you. 

One of the things I like to do is post weekly for McNary Monday. I like to post something positive that I believe and understand. A lot of it actually revolves around the ability to understand your own mind versus your subconscious mind — understanding where your thoughts are. Every single thought is creating something and that’s why it’s called creativity. 

I also use the same hashtag every Monday: #controlyourthoughtscontrolyourworld. That falls in line with my tattoo — I try to keep my message synchronized. 

Side note: Chase’s words here made me put on some floaties so I could head to the deep end. —- Our minds are such powerful tools and they should be exercised as such. Be aware of your potential. When you put your mind to good use, limitless opportunities are afforded. 

Social media talk lead to conversation about his social engagement skyrocketing and being recognized when out and about. 

K: Do you get a lot of rose jokes your way?

C: Sometimes. I get a lot of girls buying me rosé or bringing me roses. 

K: Laughs — So you’re getting free drinks out of this! That doesn’t happen for guys often, you should enjoy that. 

C: Laughs — I definitely have. Try not to take free liquor for granted right? 

Bachelor Nation sends well wishes AND gifts. 

C: I have gotten gift baskets and bouquets of roses. 

K: Really?! This is just blowing my mind. People sent you rose bouquets?! 

C: I got the most wild things left at my doorstep. 

K: Whats the wildest?

C: Someone sent me an entire jug of maple syrup from Canada. I have no idea how they got my address. 

K: CRACKING UP — Do you like syrup? 

C: Laughs — I mean, sure. No more than the next guy. 

K: You’re going to have syrup for the next two years! 

If you ask Chase to Netflix and chill he will probably take it literally. He is a newbie to the greatest streaming resource in the world. 

K: If you’re in to football, Friday Night Lights is a good one to watch. 

C: I have seen that one before. 

K: I feel like they are my people. 

C: Actually, I had a class in college and we had to write papers on the show. 

K: YOU DID? That would be a dream.


All you want for Christmas is Chase?! He’s single and ready to mingle.

C: You’re missing one juicy part, but i’m not gonna…

K: WHAT? No, please tell me!

C: You’re not gonna ask if i’m dating anybody? 

K: Oh yes, I was supposed to ask that. BUT — I don’t want to crush girls’ dreams. 

C: Laughs — I’m not. 

K: You said earlier you were in to tall blondes. That means I’m half way there. 

C: Laughs — Well, that was my old type. Now I’d say I’m more in to a certain attitude and emotional stability. 

Side note: His celebrity crush is Ariana Grande. She is short. He also likes blondes. I am short and blonde and I sing….

You put the pieces together. 

And these are my final thoughts… 

People like Chase have renewed my faith in humans being inherently good. Something trivial to him meant a lot to me and the fact that he was so quickly agreeable speaks volumes about his character. He was eager to pay it forward and that kind of genuine kindness should be championed. 

Chase made a comment about not being important in regards to downplaying his reply to my interview request. After our engagement, I strongly disagree with that statement. He is the kind of person who yearns to leave the world a better place than he found it. To me, that makes him VIP — a very important person. 

To my lovers and my haters:



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