This Guy That Saved The Puppies: Meet Jordan Kahana.

Jordan Kahana is a cool guy with a cool name. He is self assured and tries to stray away from the pack — that is until he rescued two puppies on a road trip through the desert. Now he rolls only in a pack everywhere he goes. The Adventure Squad is hands down the most delightful trio you will ever meet. 

I’m sure you’ve told this story 1000 times, but I have to know more about you finding the pups! 

Back in December I went on a road trip to cap off the year, create some personal travel content and meet up with friends along the way. On my way up to the Grand Canyon I was forced to swerve out of the two-lane highway for two 8-week old pups. In a panic, I immediately pulled over and ran out to get them from this dangerous situation. There was no better option than to take them with me. From that day forward, "The Adventure Squad" was born and we have continued our adventures from there. Currently on a month-long road trip around the west coast national parks. 

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You must have people question the reality of the story…

I do, but keep in mind I work in production. I had a camera in the front seat with me throughout my trip — constantly filming. I was planning on putting together a compilation of my travels and then life threw a curveball. My journey with The Adventure Squad began. 

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Tell me their names and how you came to pick them! 

One is a boy and one is a girl. Their names were originally Hermes and Sedona. 

I was driving from Sedona when I found them. That was an easy one — such a pretty name and it just fit. I was really in to Greek Mythology during my time in college and so I looked up the Greek God of travel which is Hermes who is also the messenger of Zeus. 

J: People always wanted an explanation for the name Hermes or thought it was pronounced like the fashion label Hermes. I have this thing on Halloween — if you have to explain your costume, you didn’t do a good job. This is what I felt like was happening with the name Hermes. 

K: Or it just sounded too much like Herpes. 

J: Laughs. I wasn’t going to bring that up, but I did have two people ask if that was his name. The second time it happened I was done. We leveled up in Greek mythology and went with Zeus! 

I know there is more to you than being this guy who rescued the dogs. What are your other interests? 

I’m into being active. Being artistic has always been a part of me since I was young. I don’t get to draw or paint as much as I’d like to, but I love it. I want to be on my bike or skateboard as much as possible. I play a lot of basketball. It’s been a great staple to keep me sane in LA. I play a Tuesday night run — its the one thing in my schedule that is consistent.

Side note: Jordan used to work at ESPN. He knows how happy my BBN readers are to hear that he is a balla. 

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Speaking of ESPN: Jordan wanted to be a sports broadcaster so he attended Mizzou — a school known for its journalism program. 
Tell me about your college experience. What did you learn along the way? 

When asked about college, the thing I recommend most is location. If you're passionate about the mountains go to a school like Colorado. For me, I focused on the schooling — which is contradicting to me. In 2nd grade I told my teacher, “school is getting in the way of my life” — true story. At the time I was dead set on becoming a sports broadcaster so I put my focus on the Journalism School at Mizzou. Your career path is all based on your hard work and connections you make along the way. It took me a while to enjoy my Mizzou experience and it provided me with a connection that ultimately landed my Dream Job (at the time) at ESPN. Despite not being in love with Mizzou I was able to study abroad while in college which sparked my love for travel.

Side noteJordan's passport photo is below. It could double as his mixtape cover. It looks as though he is about to drop the hottest album of 2017. 

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It seems like it set you up to be successful…

For sure. I quit my job at the end of April and May 1st I had the plan to go on a big adventure with the dogs — this west coast loop of the National Parks. I reached out to a handful of brands to see if they would be interested in content or imagery and I was able to partner with a few. They sent me product in exchange for assets and it has helped to build out a network early in this freelance game. 

I want it to be noted that Jordan was adorably flustered talking about this next bit. I think it won me over the most. 

K: The pups have to help your dating game.

J: The attention is there — this is the part where I get a little humble and shy. Honestly my focus is on them so it’s not the easiest thing to go on a date. I hate leaving them. But I’m doing alright. 

K: You just have to own it. I have a problem thinking you had trouble pulling girls before the pups. I don’t think this was ever an issue for you. 

J: Well thank you. Seriously though when you have TWO puppies — I mean no one even acknowledged me for the first three months I had them. 

It has to be cool also to see your social following climb or have people recognize you… 

By no means do I think I’m a celebrity, but it is really cool when I’m out with the dogs and it clicks with people who have seen the clip. I’m just happy and grateful I went viral for a positive reason and I’m not like the cashmeouside girl. 

Side note: The cashhhhmeouside reference got me tickled. Partly because that is where you will catch Jordan. Outside, traveling — being an awesome dog dad. 

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I love to see someone taking what life throws at them and really making the most of it. Jordan seems to roll with the punches and then he pushes whatever comes his way to its fullest potential. He noted that he isn’t sure who saved whom: him to the pups or the pups to him. I think it’s a very mutually exclusive turn of events. The Adventure Squad paired up just at the right time. 

And because it was too hard not to include more photos....enjoy:

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PS: Want to see the puppy rescue in action? Watch here!


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