Short, Sweet, and To The Point.

Here’s the deal. I’m 5’2 and incapable of being a true badass. I mean no one is going to be scared of me. I am not a physical threat nor will I ever be. Being sharp and quick with my mind is my only defense when battling others. I learned a long time ago to use my words. Float like a butterfly, sting like a SPELLING bee— right?! 

Spicy sentences are my thing. I use them to sound smart, to support, to make others laugh and obviously to keep you bitches entertained! With so much surrounding the importance of what I say, I realize how precious time is. I’m being realistic when I say that we all know our time is limited. We never know exactly what each day might hold or how many words we will get to breathe within 24 hours. Because of this, we should choose what we say wisely. Better yet, we should choose our subject matter wisely. 

Cutting right to the chase — we should all be more well rounded in what we choose to talk about. Back in the day people hosted Salons which consisted of intellectual conversations among friends and colleagues. (If you are unfamiliar check the later seasons of Gossip Girl circa Blair and Dan’s relationship, for an example.) While I love your everyday Salon, and getting my roots did, I think one which stimulates intelligent discussion is good for the soul. Basically I want you to get off social media, stop arguing on status posts, and do it in person. (Yes the irony is not lost on me that you most likely clicked a link on Facebook to get here. Kindly continue to read my blog and then go discuss. Winky face emoji. THX)

 “But Kara you freaking hypocrite you read US Weekly on the reg!” BURN. Yes reader, you are correct. I love a good story revolving around American royalty— aka celebs. I am not mad at seeing countless pictures of Zac Efron sans a shirt. However, I also watch the news. (The real news, not E! News.) I keep watch for who may be on the ballot in 2016. I take time to research concepts I find important. It is imperative we keep learning long after we are graduated. We are so lucky at the opportunities afforded to us. If we are the Sahara, knowledge should be a never ending supply of water.

I’m having trouble moving on from my last statement. I fully support it, but it just feels really scene. (Monkey emoji covering eyes.) 

THE POINT: have a repertoire of interesting things to talk about and don’t let all of your discussions happen via digital screen. The internet brings about so much connectedness and this is a wonderful thing. After all, it allows me to have a business {} and it allows me to write this very piece. The web offers countless opportunities. I just don’t want conversations to be lost among keyboard clicks. 

Use the online world to discover topics to discuss offline. Talk politics. Talk current events. Talk innovation. Find a picture of a dress and decide if you see it as white and gold versus black and blue. Discuss and learn something about the brain and perception! 
Side note: I see white and gold. 
(For shits and gigs read last line in the tone of the famous “I see dead people” line from Sixth Sense.) 

My hope is for us to be poised on screen, when we have time to calculate our responses, and sharp when conversing in person. I want us to have meaningful discussions. Talk about silly things or ideas that make you laugh, but don’t forget to educate yourself on what makes the world truly go round. I promise you will feel more productive because of it and if you don’t, then I’m wrong. (But that usually NEVER  happens.) 

To my lovers and my haters:


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