He's Got Your Fix: Meet Brandon Matthews

There are people you will meet in your life who make you instantly feel as though you have known them for years. Brandon Matthews is one of these people.
He is funny, down to earth, and has an incredible grasp on who he is. Brandon works in the music industry — one of those behind the scenes people we know exist but rarely hear much about. He has carved an amazing path for himself and it was my pleasure to be able to listen to his outlook on his journey thus far. 

I know you work for Chris Lane, but what is your title?

I started as Chris’s tour manager years ago, moved in to a day to day manager roll and recently moved back to tour manager. Chris wanted me on the road 24/7 and the opportunity was there so we went ahead and jumped over.

Side note: If Chris needs a date to a red carpet event — fine stop begging. I’ll do it. 

How did you get your start?

I really didn’t see it coming. I was in country radio and handled promotions for a top 50 station. Anytime that happens — you get a little special attention. Because of that, we had a lot of exposure to concerts, artists, and radio tours. I had opportunities to learn from label reps that were coming in and managers and so forth. It gave me a birds eye view of what those jobs looked like and lit a fire under me to pursue that. 

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Brandon and Chris were from the same town but went to different high schools. Eventually their paths crossed.

He didn’t know what he was doing. This was the third time he’d ever played in front of somebody. I was going to critique it to see how bad it was to be honest with you — Laughs. But you know, it was pretty good. Looking back now he has come along way, but then in that moment he had this entertainment quality to him. There wasn’t anyone in his corner doing what I thought I could — so I just kinda jumped in, all hands on deck.

B: So we’ve been together all in all about 6.5 years, almost 7. 

K: That’s wild. When you start to hear someone’s name you don’t think about all that goes in to it before you hear them on the radio. 

B: There’s a saying — overnight in Nashville is 7 years. 

K: Ya’ll are a testament to that. 

How excited are you to tour with the Backstreet Boys? 

I had a cousin who was like my sister growing up. Like any girl in that era she was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. We would stay at my grandparents and she would blast the songs so I still know pretty much every song off their first three records. I can go toe to toe with a lot of diehard Backstreet fans. 

We have already formed a football friendship with Nick. He’s a giant Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan and we're giant Carolina Panthers fans. We’re division rivals so we have a lot of friendly back and forth about it. He is just as passionate as I am so we have a lot of respect for each other on that. We have been able to hang with them in Vegas and LA and both times they have been a lot of fun and great to work with. So long story short, I am very excited to tour with them.

Side note: Shout out to Brian and Kev as they are from my hood. 

Music is kind of your life. What are your most played songs? 

I’m a big fan of all things 90’s. I am the guy who would put on a Hootie & the Blowfish record before the Darius record. Love them both — but man that 90’s player is where I’m at. 

Brandon meets celebrities often so people in the limelight don’t typically phase him. Unless these people happen to be the stars of The Walking Dead. 

I am the biggest Walking Dead nerd in the world. I’m trying to go to comic con so I can listen to the actors talk on panels about shooting the show. Everything that I make fun of in the music world — I am that guy with The Walking Dead. 

I was at an award show and I knew Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl, would be in attendance. I told one of my friends earlier in the night — If Daryl is there and I’m there, can you get a photo? I don’t want to ask because I’m really nervous but I actually want a photo of him. 

Turns out we end up standing in line at the bar together. I’m looking at him, staring at him actually and he looks at me and says —  whats going on man? I mean my palms were sweaty. I went straight in to my dialogue about being a fan of the show and then brought up motorcycles. I appealed to his love for bikes. My friend snapped the photo. I was able to have a decent conversation without looking like a complete creep.

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It seems like you’re into pizza which I relate to. I know its trendy but I feel like I was in to it before it was cool.

B: Tonight, a night off the road — I could get anything I wanted and what did I do? I went and got a $5 hot and ready. It’s my guilty pleasure. Little Caesars has stepped up their game. 


B: I’m a simple man. I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. If I can find a girl that brings home a hot and ready pizza I know she's smart about her money. If its an anniversary and she wants to splurge and go with a Spinach Alfredo pizza from Papa Johns — that is going to cost her a little more, but for a special occasion that would be okay. You can’t go wrong with either one of those things. 

Side note: I have never felt more connected to someone. BMatt gets it. 

I’m sure it’s hard to date battling the work schedule you have. What does it take and do you have a type? 

It takes someone very compassionate and someone very trustworthy. Those are the main ingredients to dating someone on this side of things. 

As for a type, it’s more personality — certain character traits. I’m big on the word nurturing. I want someone so concerned with caring for another that it makes me want to be that way as well. Looks are important — you obviously want someone you’re attracted to but it’s more about the spark. Their religious side certainly plays a part to it for me. Isn’t there a test on Facebook that can just tell me what my type is? 

Actually the role Rachel McAdams played in Wedding Crashers — that is my type. I’m putting a ring on her finger for sure. She follows her heart, goes with her gut, and isn’t afraid to jump in on her man’s lifestyle. 

Side note: I have heard awesome types are short blondes who sometimes engage in wearing weave. 

Even listening back to the recorded conversation, I was giggling at how naturally funny Brandon is. I can tell by our conversation that he is a hard worker, lives life with a light heart, and loves his mama. I want to give a shout out to Mama Matthews. Brandon said he plans to send the article to you and that right there is a huge compliment to my work. You raised him right girlfriend! Good job. 

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