Goodbye Prince Charming -- Hello Little Cuties

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty had great luck being awoken from fine fellas. I'm going to give it a go as well. 

I have to start this post off by giving props to my mom. She has heard the following multiple times, in multiple ways, with multiple forms of drama and suspense. She is the Chris Harrison to my real life Bachelorette.

I refer to boys as little cuties. It’s something my sister and I started and we usually add a description to pair with the phrase when describing them. For example: an adorable toddler could be known as Future Little Cutie. Someone who can cut a rug could be known as Break Dancing Little Cutie. The list goes on and on. Turns out there are a couple real life little cuties whom have me feeling some type of way…

If someone were casting the role of boyfriend in the movie of my life — this guy looks the part. In fact, I find him so attractive, it makes me dumb. I am dumbfounded at the thought that someone has the ability to make me nervous. However, time and time again stupid shit slips out of my mouth and I’m left to wonder why my brain is hibernating. 

Recently we had a passing conversation. It was pleasant and gave me my Apartment Complex LC fix. I saw him again a couple minutes after the convo ended and all I could muster up in round two was: Sup? It’s safe to say I’m killing the game here….not.  

I often describe my interest in the opposite sex as light switch on or light switch off. It doesn’t take very long for me to decide my feelings toward others and once I have — it’s settled without much room for debate. In this situation, I can’t ignore the physical response I have to his presence. I’m very rarely affected by people in this way. Like the hair clips I used to rock in the 90’s – butterflies are plentiful.   

There is something about musicians. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be in to someone who could pass for a long lost Bee Gee brother but— shit happens. Kidding — he actually resembles a kind of Sexy Jesus. I refer to him as such.

Sometimes we click with people and it is unexpected and kind of magical all the while.
Unlike AC Little Cutie – Sexy Jesus makes my mind race with thoughts and exploration. He prompts me to explain why I think things and he is genuinely interested in my response. It is refreshing to have someone challenge me in that way. 

You can’t necessarily judge him by his cover which is endearing. He is a whirlwind of contradictions and for me, this is the draw. He is deep, but funny. He is smart, but not too serious. He looks like a hippie, but is athletic. It is these characteristics that mix together and keep my mind continuing to swim with thoughts of him. He is also a very good kisser. INSERT WINK EMOJI. That goes a long way with this lil mama. 

I felt the need to add Kevin Costner to this list. He’s 62 — BUT he be dripping with swag. I would gladly make out with Kev. 

So who gets the final rose? It’s not really up to me. But for shits and gigs let me know your vote in comments below. 

To my lovers and my haters:

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