Meet Brendan Healy

I took my investigative skills to a new level. I was lounging around, half paying attention to the show streaming on my television. That is, until I took note of a commercial for

You’ve probably seen it or one like it— the spokesperson asks someone if they are single and if they have ever tried the site. They always reply that they haven’t, put forth some skepticism, but are ultimately wooed into giving it a go at the end of the segment. 

The clip that caught my eye featured “Brendan” — Mcdreamy of the world. I quickly googled “Brendan +” and BINGO there he was right in front of my eyes.

Brendan Healy to be exact. I immediately gave him that follow on instagram. 

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After sliding into his DM’s and a phone call later — I present you with Mr. November…

NAME: Healy, Brendan. 
Brendan is 27 until November 9th where he will celebrate his birthday and another year of glorious existence. If he treats himself to chocolate it will be a Twix— his favorite candy bar. He shared this at the end of our conversation and I realized that it told me all I needed to know. He is simply a stand up guy. Had he said “Almond Joy,” I would have pulled the article right then and there. 

First off, explain your instagram handle. Why moonman?

As far as moonman goes, I'm fascinated with space. I spend a lot of time staring up at the stars at night time. It's very humbling to know that we are just a small piece of a much bigger puzzle. While we are very small, we are also very unique. Just look at your fingerprint or think about how your DNA is specific to you. I have a telescope of my own, so you could say I'm an amateur astronomer. 

Side notes from moi: BRB SWOONING. 

How did you get into acting? 

I was studying to be a teacher, then I switched to be a chemist, then I switched to do some advertising and public relations. I liked those careers but I didn’t love them. What has interested me with acting so far — is that it’s different every single day. One day you’re a teacher, the next day an action hero, the next day you’re a fire fighter, the next day you’re a serial killer. It changes so much and along with that it’s incredibly challenging. I feel like I would get a little bored with a steady job. You don’t have the money rolling in all the time as far as stability goes, but there is more to life than just being financially stable. 

Side notes from muah: Find something you love to do and don’t dismiss your dreams! I love this message. 

Did you give Match a try? 

I tried it for about a month and then I met a girl — the old school way. Who does that these days?

Side notes from moi: I told him I love organically meeting people. Isn't it sad that I have to use that phrase? He said as far as meeting people you should do what floats your boat. Online or in person — be open. 

Elaborate on this girl you met. What caught your eye? 

She was just cool, really easy to talk to. We bonded over the band Muse. She laughs at my stupid jokes, and she’s very fun and spontaneous. She loves to travel which is the opposite of me, but gets me out of my shell.

Heart eyes. 

You don’t like to travel? I feel like being an actor, traveling comes with the territory.  

I do like to travel, but I’m a home body. 

What are you up to when you’re being a home body? 

I’m kind of like a dog. I just end up going outside and running around. That may be going on a hike or playing football, or just doing something. Either that or I lay down and go to sleep. I’m a chronic napper. 

Side note from moi: I love dogs. I love naps. 1000 points for Brendan. 

When did you move to LA?  

I moved here August 24, 2012. 

Oh wow, look at you! You know the date off top. 

Because I got a damn ticket the day I moved. This lady was going about 60 in the left lane so I thought if I tailgated her, surely she would get out of the way. About 10 seconds after that, a motorcycle cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket for “following too close.” That was my welcome to LA. 

Side notes from moi: good thing “following too close” isn’t a fine you can get via instagram. There are a few occasions where I’d be GUILTY.

Fun Facts about Moon Man: 

When I talked to Brendan he mentioned three projects that seemed to really stick out to him. He was in a western, a Vietnam War film, and also portrayed a paranoid schizophrenic. It was really cool to listen to him speak on how he prepared for these roles. The dedication to his craft was evident. 

Brendan is a Motorcycle rider. Can't you see that James Dean daydream look in his eyes?

He  took one look at the traffic in LA and decided motorcycles were his saving grace. 

B: “I did the math and conservatively I save 7 days on the road every single year. It is insane.”

K: There is the teacher coming out in you. That seems like a very teachery thing to do. 

B: Laughs — “It makes me feel better about risking my tail every single day.” 

Nerd Alert — Brendan is cool with his geeky side. 

B: I am shamelessly, maybe a little bit of shame, but mostly shamelessly admitting— I love Sonic the Hedgehog and Zelda. This is the nerd side of me. These games just let your imagination run wild. 

K: These were popular when we were younger, did you play growing up? 

B: That was my shit.

K: So you play on the classic consoles?  

B: Oh yeah. I have a Sega Genesis in my room right now. I’m not playing around…well actually I am.

K: Laughs out loud.  

Oh hi nerd....

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As we wrapped up our convo I also found out that Brendan has been camping in Kentucky once. He said the people were so friendly. I say — THAT’S THE SOUTH…REPRESENT. 

I will also have you know that Brendan said I was a joy to talk to… flips hair in a sassy manor.

The fact that I was able to reach out to Brendan makes me appreciate the day we live in. I often get worn out by social media, but what an amazing way to connect to people. It gave me the chance to get to know a joyful, dedicated, and passionate person. I sure am thankful for that, and the fact that uses real names of people in their commercials. 

To my lovers and my haters:

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