Donut Stop, GET IT GET IT.

Recently a beautiful story was trending on the internet. A man not only planned a surprise proposal, but a WEDDING as well — all in the same day! Props to him. Most of the gentleman I know have trouble planning their undergarments for the day. The hashtag connected to the story was #foreverduncan. One thing leads to another and I started thinking of my other favorite Dunkin’ – one of the fried confectionery variety. It brought me back to a time where I thought love and my favorite breakfast treat would stand together for eternity. 

**Some say donut, others say doughnut -- I'll use both to cover all bases.** 

Picture it: I was buying donuts for a Keeneland tailgate. It was an early start to a day with the ponies…

I was dressed in the brightest pink little number I’ve ever owned. This is saying a lot, because those who know me also know that my closet has never lacked color. I coordinated with many a sprinkle and frosting in the shop. As I turn to leave, white shady box in hand, I see a very attractive country, but not too country - Manboy walking in. I still don’t think of people in their mid-twenties as men. This is why I say man/boy. ANYWHO we made eyes. I mean I smyzed him with the likes of Tyra Banks. As I exited, I instantly decided to leave my number on his truck. It belonged to a local horse farm which meant that he would likely be at the races too. EEK. I left a business card and my number with a winky face -- shameless. 

I’ll also have you know that my card consisted of a photo of me looking in the distance, pensive. Hope he looked at it and wondered – what she thinkin' bout?

The parking lot to Frank’s is tiny – room for about 4 or 5 spots and is adjacent to the road. The main road was highly trafficked and backing out presumed to be a challenge. For a minute I was DEATHLY afraid that Manboy would walk out and see me still there and my digits left on the windshield would no longer be the move I hoped it would be. For a few short seconds the only thing I could think of were a few four letter words -- mostly one that my phone continuously autocorrects to DUCK.

THANKFULLY another doughnut patron went out in the road and directed traffic so I could escape. This is why small-town America has my heart. I was able to swiftly leave the residence of sugary goodness – my plan not yet foiled.

SPOILER ALERT: Manboy texted me about an hour later. I can assure you once this message was received I enacted a strong hair flip and proceeded to be FEELIN MYSELF. It was so nice to meet someone organically -- lol at the irony. Can’t say that Frank’s has a line of gluten free doughnuts. Maybe our wedding cake should not be a cake at all – but instead a tower of yeast rings. LOL @ gross donut synonyms.

It is no secret that I struggle being serious. Later on our conversation looked as follows:

This screenshot is not still on my phone. It was recreated for literary/realistic purposes.   

INSERT AGGRESSIVE EYE ROLL. He couldn’t give ya girl a courtesy “GLAZED”, “CHOC GLAZED”, or “CAKE” — nope. Nothing. Texting those you don’t know can be hard. I loathe it as a form of communication with someone you aren’t very familiar with. Had I said this in person there would be inflection, tone, SMILES and he would have known I was trying to be funny. RIGHT?!! 

Personally, I feel oh so defeated when a joke doesn’t hit.   

Moral of the story? It’s good to take chances. I’d do the same in a heartbeat if given the opportunity and I have actually done that kind of number drop a few times. I like being bold. It’s who I am. I’m not afraid to be the girl to make the first move -- in many facets of life. SO I will continue to do so, hopefully accompanied by dozens of doughy treats along the way.

To my lovers and my haters:


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