One Fish, Two Fish - LEFT Shark, RIGHT Shark

Notice the Right Shark fin pumping
in perfection as
the left shark is saying... Huh?
If you haven’t seen the infamous left and right shark from Katy Perry’s Superbowl halftime performance then you must be living under a rock. When everyone stopped freaking out about Missy Elliot showing up, they realized who the true stars of the show were. LEFT SHARK AND RIGHT SHARK. 

Left shark is like your cool uncle who comes to town every now and then and says hilarious things, offers to buy you weed, and pisses your parents off because of it. However, when its all said and done even though he’s a screw up, you still love him. Right shark is like that over achieving older sibling. You have to live in their shadow because everything they have done thus far has been glorious. Look out for perfectionist vibes because anything right shark tackles is on point. 

At the end of the day we all have some left and right shark within ourselves. Professionally speaking I’m on that right shark track. Dedicated, motivated, and always striving to do things flawlessly. After an entire bottle of Moscato? HELLO LEFT SHARK. I am ready to go out, be fun, spontaneous, and snapchat people attempting to do the sexy smyze. (Thank god the pictures mostly disappear.) 

With all of this said, here is a short list of left and right sharkesque things I’ve done. 


Passed my mom driving today, didn't realize it was her, and was perplexed as to why some woman was big time cheesing at me. 

Hopped in a car I thought was my uber (literally hopped as I was dressed as a bunny for Halloween and not a slutty one, the one from Alice in Wonderland). 
Realized the man was leaving a concert but still proceeded to ask him to take me home anyways. 
TLSM (total left shark move)
Thankfully my best friend stopped me from that MISTAKE. 

Took a selfie with pizza. 

Sometimes lose track of time driving because I am JAMMING out to some great tunes. 


Started a business. {}

Graduated from College; Cum Laude

Accepted into a Communication Conference with my senior thesis paper 

Planned a Breakfast With Elsa event and showed up to WERK for the kiddos that wanted to meet the baddest bitch from the movie Frozen. 

Moral of the story? May your fun times be left and your serious times be right. 

To my lovers & my haters:


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