Meet Avi + Sean: Creators of Ivory Clasp

Who doesn’t love a good bag? It dots and catches the eye to complete a fabulous look. These days coordinating your bag with your outfit is of the utmost importance, however this can often be hard to afford. Luckily there is a new handbag subscription service on the market that offers designer bags at a $49 price point: Ivory Clasp. Choose to receive a bag monthly or quarterly — both options are available! I’ve been carrying my Ivory Clasp bag around for a few weeks and have gotten countless compliments on it. When I spill the beans about where I got the bag, I am always met with such intrigue. The best kept secret in fashion, is a secret no more. 

I had the chance to interview the creators of Ivory Clasp: Avi Zolty and Sean Rimokh. These two never stop. According to them they haven’t worked a day in the past year because building this company is their passion and growing in this business is fun. 

How did you get the idea to start Ivory Clasp? 

Avi: We realized that there was a knack for subscription services specifically boxes. With this model any customer you have, keeps coming back! We also realized those said brands were paying too much on shipping. We wanted to be able to only send one item and it needed to be lightweight. With Sean’s background in the handbag industry — we knew we had the perfect fit on our hands. 

Sean: I grew up watching my family business, Signal Brands — one of the world’s largest handbag licensing companies in the world. What really stood out to me through time was how much inventory sits in warehouses. This is why you see stores like TJ Maxx do so well — they are buying excess inventory and able to discount it. Ivory Clasp really seemed like such a valid solution because it moves inventory faster. We are getting you current in season product that retails for up to $100 — for $45. 

One of the reasons you are able to do this is because you don’t advertise the brand via Ivory Clasp. Some could say you are the Priceline of the handbag world! 

Sean: Exactly. We don’t tarnish or ruin the brand’s integrity. Their product stays current, we help move it much quicker, and you get a quality in season bag at an affordable price! 

Tell me about the name Ivory Clasp. How did you come up with it?

Sean: We offer quality brand name products. We wanted our name to emulate that and to be relative to handbags or accessories. We thought Ivory represents prestige and luxury and we thought clasp was a way to tie in the handbag aspect of the business.

If you are dating, I’m sure your girlfriends are loving your work?

Sean: My girlfriend is a subscriber! She is interested in becoming a model for one of our brands. 

Avi: My girlfriend loves the bags. Who wouldn’t love a free bag every now and then?! 

This is my Ivory Clasp bag. I have gotten SO MANY compliments on it!! 

What do you all do for fun, whenever you do get a break from all your hard work?!

S: I don’t have a lot of free time, but I love to watch film. I also adore Escape Rooms. It’s a trending thing all over the world right now. 

K: Yeah, like the breakout games! 

S: I think I’m literally ranked top 1% in the world. It’s like a real life puzzle and I get to exercise my brain.

K: Do you go with coworkers?

S: Avi and I did, but we got a little intense with it. Laughs, people don’t want to go with us. 

A: The better question is what do I do for work? I love being involved with tech and start ups. I consider it a hobby. I do have time for some Netflix every now and then. I just finished Ozark and can’t wait for the second season. I also love House of Cards!

Anything new on the horizon for Ivory Clasp? 

A: We just added the cheapest subscription on the market place to go along as a part of Ivory Clasp. It is an earring subscription called Earfleek. It’s a monthly earring subscription — our side project. We are really excited about it! 

K: Ears shall be on fleek. AMAZING. 

What I love most about Sean and Avi — they are hard working MILLENNIALS. Often that phrase is taken as an oxymoron but I promise it does exist in my generation. They are innovative and committed to bringing you an amazing product. It is refreshing to see such dedication and towards something that I absolutely love. 

Seriously, my bag is so beautiful. The day I got it, I started carrying it and never looked back. I ditched my Kate Spade bag and I can assure you this Ivory Clasp piece is just as beautiful for a fraction of the price. Now go check it out for yourself!! 

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