I Saw The Sign, and It Opened Up My Eyes - I Saw The Sign

Head hurts from trynna keep up with what potential suitors be thinkin. 
I studied communication in college and I adored it. I could pinpoint theories and reasons behind everyday actions and it highly interested me. I saw class material played out while we were learning about it. I thought I had a decent grasp on people because of it.

You can’t teach perception, but from what I learned I can usually get a pretty good read on situations. Body language, how much information is divulged or reciprocated vibes are usually good indicators of how an interaction between two people is going. However, when it comes to the opposite sex – I think I am bad at reading signs. I’m either way too late to the party or not enjoying it once I’ve arrived.

My sister thinks I should give more credence to the Zodiac signs. She fully believes in her actions being connected to her classification as a cancer. A recent Aries description pegs me as a "bold, fierce woman with a staunch sense of independence." It also notes I am "stable and logical with a good head on my shoulders and the energy to take on whatever life throws at me." Not going to lie - this is pretty spot on. It doesn't explain every part of me, but the generalization fits so I'll take it in a size 7.5. 

Astrology advises me to date a cancer – which is probably why I consider little sis my soulmate. Pisces is also on the nice list and apparently their trustworthiness will go far with me! The naughty list brings Geminis and Leos. Looks like Bachelor Chad and I could never be which is a travesty because I think our snapchat stories alone could change lives.

I am beginning to seriously contemplate asking potential suitors for their birthday’s first instead of their name. Maybe there is a fault in my stars. Maybe I keep shooting for all the wrong people. I have to move towards alignment and away from star crossed. I’m so often the queen of bad timing. It’s exhausting.

I’m also picky. Like a 5-year-old (or my 24-year-old galpal) who only eats nuggets – picky. I stand firm in the fact that “spark” exists and I’m not talking that fruity goodness that is AdvoCare water enhancement. Chemistry, butterflies, a tangible connection – I believe in all of it. I’ve felt it and I refuse to enter a relationship without it. I don’t want to waste my time with lukewarm. LUKE PELL on the other hand (bachelorette’s lil country cutie) – I’d like to waste hours with.

Where does this leave me? SINGLE. I’ll have you know; Facebook wouldn’t have it any other way. The other day I played along with a trending photo that instructed me to tag “@S” and the first person that popped up was supposed to take me on a date. The name that popped up? MY OWN. FB clapped back real quick with a hard “oh no you don’t girl” as I tried to escape my single girl status.

The good news? I suppose being an Aries makes me equipped to handle my reality. I can typically handle rejection. There are times it catches up with me so I throw pity parties. TBH, last night I was being dramatic and whining to my mom about giving up on dreams and boys altogether. Going to bed I had to take a good hard look in the mirror and tell myself to STFU. I will continue to push on, phased in the least -- ready to take part in the next scheme I have concocted.

The best news? I believe in happy endings. I believe that with hard work I can bring myself where I want to be in life. I believe my person is out there – and if you think you know him, tell him to holler at ya girl. Seriously, If you know a worthy candidate private message me pronto. THX

To my lovers and my haters:

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