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I had every intention of whipping out my laptop for the performance of Grease Live. I knew I would have thoughts on it, and initially I was prepared to write them down as the show went on. I sat down with a few girlfriends muh Pink Ladies for a viewing party. It started and I couldn’t turn away.

I once played Sandy, so I could really relate to what the cast was going through. LOL JK. It was for sorority recruitment so the Pink Ladies were actually “The Green Ladies,” the T Birds were my best friends in wigs, and they didn’t pierce my ears or make fun of me at the sleepover. Our rendition was also sans pregnancy scare, even though that would have probs been fitting concerning college girls. 

ANYWHO…The show begins and so do my thoughts. I may be out of order in my review — apologies.

Jessie J singing the intro song. She is killing it. I’ve always thought she is underrated, girl has pipes. 

Colorful umbrellas all around. Is this FRIENDS?

Jessie just pulled out a move from nowhere — it resembled the beginning of the “twist” transformed into a twerk. I think she just made Kenickie’s T Bird fly

Danny is hot — lets just go ahead and put that on the record. My gal pal is petitioning for his shirt to come off. I’m in full agreement. 

“Summer Nights” begins— they better split screen the two of them hitting the last note. THEY DO, and at this point it’s already a success for me. Its all in the details Fox, well done. 

I am loving everything Julianne Hough does. MAJOR GIRL CRUSH.

We’ve been having trouble placing who Kenickie is. Maybe we weren’t paying enough attention to the lines. There are a few who look like the original guy, but this version’s Kenick is a little spicer with that Latin FLAVA. I approve, especially as I am a faithful DWTS viewer and he was a contestant this past season. 

I wonder if the character playing Jan feels a little left out as every other Pink Lady is already well known.

The scene where Danny tries to be an athlete and not just an athletic supporter was a win. While his shirt wasn’t off, he does come out in short shorts and a beater. We could see definition of abs — that was enough for some EEKS from the crowd I was watching with. 

Marty gets a random solo song during the sleepover….ok. The only thing I’m concerned about is HOW THIS MAGIC COSTUME CHANGE IS HAPPENING. I’m informed that Katy Perry does this kind of thing often.

Cue commercial break and we are shown how the costume change happens. Its pretty awesome — the design of the outfit. She has like three layers of clothing on and still looks like a stick. KEWL. I’m informed again that Katy Perry does this kind of thing often. 

BOYZ II MEN OMGGGG. Having them sing “Beauty School Drop Out” is a win on so many levels. I’m bowing down to the director at this point. YAS YAS YAS. 

Also not in big favor of CHA CHA. Our watch party listed other actresses that could have slayed this role. The best option was Naya Rivera. Let us have a moment of silence for what could have been…

It’s funny that Julianne is a professional dancer and her character is camera shy. IRONIC

Danny why you gotta play Sandy like that…you will pay. CHA CHA ISN’T EVEN CUTE. 

Earlier in the show we were confused as to why Danny was rocking a pinky ring. Later on the scene where he asks Sandy to go steady happens. (OHHHH YEAH DUH.) He gives her the ring and Sandy takes a hard bow to the breast. Seriously I’m worried about Julianne’s growth being stunted buy that blow she just took. 

Sandy is being a prude —maybe if you had not run off and danced with CHA CHA, you would have had a little action Danny. You live and you learn. 

Lightweight pissed that the dancing hot dogs aren’t on the screen while “Stranded At The Drive-In” is being sung. 

“Grease Lightening” had some lyric changes. Chicks will “scream” instead of “cream” — can’t say I’m opposed to this. EW @ original Grease. There is also no car in this world that has that effect on women, just saying…

While I’m sad Sandy didn’t play around in the inflatable pool during “Hopelessly Devoted”— I am glad it was there for nostalgia purposes. Again, the little things…

I haven’t mentioned Vanessa Hudgens. When I was watching I felt like she looked beautiful as Rizzo, but wasn’t giving me enough “bitchy.” After learning about her performing despite the fact that her father just passed — she is more fierce than I will ever know. 

Original Frenchy as Vi at the Diner gave me so much life. She still sounded just the same! 

Thunder Road was fun(ny) to watch. I appreciated the dash cam views of the car. 

Patty Simcox was much more involved with this production and she's on my nerves. We would not be fast friends. 

MAKE WAY FOR BAD SANDY. Juliane is such a YAS QUEEN. We were disappointed they didn’t step into a shake shack at the carnival, but i’m sure those are hard to come by or put up when you have about 10 minutes to set up a sound stage. This is so cliche, but I really want to lose about 37.5 pounds and go as bad Sandy for Halloween. 

Taking applications for Danny starting now…

Rizzo isn’t preggo — PRAISE HANDS.  

This is a throwback thought, but I guess Hollywood is low on actors with crater faces. Shame because it really gives a mean/bad guy edge to Cha Cha’s boo thang. 

For just a second I want to cry @ this finale, because I feel like I’m graduating with them. It looks like they had so much fun gearing up for this. I creeped many a insta to come to that conclusion.

THANK GOD THEY FINALLY KISSED — and it ends on the perfect note. 

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