A Night At The WHINERY

Crest is going to want this photo -- and 4/5 are future dentists. 

Like many Lextonians (about 23,000 to be exact) today I am recovering from Luke Bryan's Farm Tour. It was an experience to say the least. There was lots of waiting, frustration (some at the traffic situation and some of a sexual nature watching Luke Bryan pelvic thrust in Elvis-esque fashion.) 

I have heard and read many different opinions and realized people weigh in their thoughts on various sides of the spectrum. You have the:
 "LuKe WaS sO WorTh iT" crowd
 "F*** this I'm leaving crowd, and 
(This last crowd reminds me of the mob in Beauty & the Beast as they rhythmically chant "Kill The Beast.")

I'm not sure I personally fit into any of those majorities. I had fun at the concert and enjoyed good company — hell, we were able to bond for about 4 hours before we ever made it to the venue. I'm not sure Luke was worth the wait, and I don't mean that as a dig. I think he is an amazing entertainer, but at the end of the day he is just a person
Flesh. Bones. Heart. Soul. He is made up of the same things we are. He has the same amount of hours in a day as we do. This event reminded me of how we so easily idolize celebrity. I for one am often guilty of it. We get lost in it. 

Many concert attendees stranded their cars to walk in order to see LB. The bright side? I think he seems like the kind of person who would not take for granted what his stop in Lexington represented. So many people were so strongly committed to seeing him no matter the obstacle. Hopefully that isn’t lost on him. 

Things I took away overall:

My best friend noted that "life is about the journey" - ok girl swimming in the deep end. She made a valid point! Of course we were all annoyed at the situation, but decided to make the best of it regardless.  
Last night became an adventure. We may not have great memories of Luke, but instead we will remember playing DJ for the people that decided to walk. We will remember one of our companions getting out of the car, running across the street to Kroger, and coming back with snacks and beer beverages. (This is laughable. Traffic was so stilled he had time to make this happen). We will remember aggressively driving to make sure we could exit without another 4 hour pause for the trek home. Survival of the fittest- thank god we were in a Jeep! 

You forget how many rednecks there are in the area, until you throw a concert on a farm. 

I'm thankful for growing up in this time period. Can you imagine trying to see Lord Luke traveling via horse and carriage? 

The little things in life sometimes get me through. I never thought I would be so happy to see a port-a-potty. There was one lone PAP out in the vast lands of the winery. I was able to find it and happily tinkle in the midst of waiting in line to leave Talon. 

It seems you can only get people to care about an issue when it directly affects them. Thousands were livid and rightfully so. I am a fan of accountability. The event was poorly planned. It’s ok to demand that people in charge are held responsible. There were people who didn't make any of the concert just to be in stand still traffic. THATS SOME BULL. In the grand scheme of things is this the worst that could have happened? No. There are many more issues in the world to be passionate about. There is plenty of wrong that happens due to our political elite. Both parties have leaders who should be held accountable yet we let them get away with shameful activities. I would be willing to bet you’d sit in little to no traffic on election day. I’m not trying to get all soap boxy. (Are you like PUMP THE BREAKS WHERE DID THE SERIOUS COME FROM?) Chill. I just want to raise awareness about being AWARE. Bring passion and intelligence to issues that may have nothing to do with you. Find an issue that gets you as fired up as 23,000 bumper to bumper crazed fans.

To my lovers and my haters:

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