Fortune Favors The Bold...Colored Lip

Many songs (usually the kind backed by male vocalists) advise that they like their women more natural. They tell us we are prettiest once we have just woken up. This is sweet and while I do think they mean it -- I don't give a damn what they prefer
Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with at least a little bit of make-up on that's when I’m the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong. 

I don't wear make up for men. I wear it for M Y S E L F. Applying is a craft that I love trying to perfect. Selecting shades, pigments, primers, and foundations gives me a rush. It's like playing dress up for adults. I no longer prance around in my finest Jasmine costume - instead I work my winged eye liner and smyze the shit out of anyone that comes across my path.

Make-Up is art. I'm going to start charging people to view me. The funny thing is, I could probably find some swanky weirdos to do just that. BRB -  calling every NYC Museum to pitch this idea. I'll just stand in really great lighting, suck my cheeks in, add a dash of pout, and finish with fierce looks. I'll call the exhibit - GIRL ON FLEEK. 

Seriously though, if you browsed as many beauty bloggers as I do, you'd agree. Its an art form. The people who do it for a living are not called ARTISTS for nothing! Now, can we get everyone off the make-up hating train?! I understand it isn't for everyone and that is totally fine. You don't want to wear it? -- your prerogative. Just don't rain on my cosmetics parade.

Benefits I have seen during my time as a make-up user:

I always know which drink is mine. Fancy fuchsias, vibrant violets, and pastel pinks are hues that are sure to adorn my glasses. Dogs pee on their territories and I slap a stain on my straws.

Pimples are problems that can be fixed. Some good concealer and a kick ass foundation can help diminish troublesome acne. I have always felt bad for boys not having an option in this department. I wouldn't judge them if they dabbled in a little incognito zit action. 

During Winter, when it isn't exactly appropriate to look like a bronzed goddess it helps to also not look like a ghost. I can give myself a bit of color and cheat on the pale scale. 

I can have the illusion of whiter teeth. The right shade of red will put crest to shame. 

The choice of using a filter on a photo isn’t necessary, but optional. Thanks Esté — your double wear formula works much better than Nashville or god forbid KELVIN.   

Sometimes I wish this was a habit I could kick. It would save me money and a lot of time in the morning. I would probably start making it to Jazzercise on time instead of 5 minutes into class having begun. However, the joy of a good work out, sweating the pounds away, and looking like a queen — priceless. Eyebrows filled in correctly speaks for why I’m tardy to the party. People will understand why punctuality isn’t in the cards for me — the arches I create on a daily basis are not for amateurs. This takes precision and attention to detail. One look at the angular masterpieces above my eyes and no one need ask why I’m fashionably late. 

By this point, you get the point. To me, make-up is a fun way to express different sides of myself. Somedays I feel earthy, others bold, and then there are times I feel sultry. The stroke of genius that comes when my brushes help me achieve these looks gives me such pleasure. 

It obviously satisfies a couple of the music scene’s leading men as well. These are the type of guys I’m trynna hang with. They get it.  

I wanna get lost in your lipstick” - Luke Bryan

Try to tell you "stop", but your lipstick got me so out of breath” - Adam Levine (Maroon5)

Want your pretty red lips, red lipsBaby kiss me till your lipstick gone” — Trey Songz

To my lovers and my haters:


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