Its The Little Things...

Looking REAL pensive. Feeling my bright summer blonde. 
I've been seeing commercials for the new Pixar movie about our internal emotions. It looks adorable. Its got me thinking: everyday we take in info, think a million thoughts, and try to processes our life as it goes. I took a minute to reflect on some of the little things I find funny or think in general. After all — what we think and the way we perceive things are what make us individuals, US, unique! Enjoy a look into some of the thoughts of just another Monday as ME. In no particular order...

Tony from The Bachelorette. Honestly, during tonight’s episode I was LOLing at half the shit this guy said. Some including - “I miss my dogs and my bonzai trees” (Think he hugs them? That would make Tony a LITERAL TREE HUGGER.)
“Can’t we go on a boat ride or skydive?” “I mean can’t we just go to the zoo?”  - Tony has a point. The zoo is always fun. 
This guy is into peace and love. He has a gypsy soul - I think he should jam out to a little Zac Brown Band circa 2010: “Colder Weather.” 

Two dollar lipstick. I came across this Wet n Wild color that I couldn’t take my eyes off of — “Cherry Picking.” I tried it on and fell in love. The color is BRILLIANT and the consistency is high quality. Like I hope my future husband to be — it is long lasting. I mean I could go on and on about this shade for hours. I will definitely be picking up some more. 

Still watching The Bachelorette — wouldn’t it be great if we could act like that IRL? Like walk up to a guy at bar and ask him to accept a rose. Or give a date card to a few guys so we could just kill two birds with one stone. Why go on countless blind dates when one group outing should suffice?! Is it acceptable to tweet Sam Hunt and tell him about the potential of our great connection…give me the word and his T handle will on my phone screen faster than you can say country swag (cause thats what he has). 

Sapporo. The classic Hibachi restaurant in my college town. I got to go there today in celebration of my best friend’s bday. Half price at lunch, chicken, double rice, yum yum sauce — WHATS NOT TO LOVE?! They also always have some throwback Christina or Lady Gaga playing and nothing goes with saki like “Dirty” or “Pokerface.” 

Donuts — does this really need explaining? I had half of one this morning so you could say I’m dieting. 

OK SERIOUSLY, walked into the bathroom and MY LIPSTICK IS STILL GOING STRONG. This is after eating and everything. I came back to type feeling as fabulous as Bruce Caitlyn Jenner on Vanity Fair. 

Just saw a preview for “Train Wreck” — A MUST SEE, I just know it. If you don’t know who Amy Schumer is, you better google that betch quick. I prefer her recent interview with Ellen. She is a COMEDIC QUEEN. Seriously I want to be best friends with her.  

Currently eating fruit thins. This is how fig newtons decided to turn up in the 21st century. I think its their….SHIT 140 calories per 3 cookies. I’ve almost finished a sleeve. GREAT. 

*slowly eats another* 

Watching a new lifetime series. Side note: Lifetime has put out some iffy work as of late. Anyone who saw the Brittany Murphy Story can give me an AMEN. But they recently released a decent biopic on Marilyn Monroe — and I got into it! Marilyn is the epitome of girl crush. Anywho, as if two hours of the Bachelorette isn’t enough — insert unReal: Lifetime’s fake version behind the scenes of the Bachelor series. Their bachelor aka “suitor” is a british guy. Honestly thats what the real franchise is missing. Not Britt, but A BRIT. 

*Flips channel* 

Insert defensive Sea World commercial. I WATCHED BLACKFISH. (Remember the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle throws a box of chocolate at the TV and proclaims LIAR?!) I would throw my fruit thins and yell the same, but that would be a waste and my TV was a Christmas gift. I signed a petition to save the whales. I did my part. I also get continuous emails about other things I can get involved with. I'm like I'll save the whales but the only bee I care about is QUEEN BEY.

Finishing my day with Friends. I hope to fall asleep dreaming of laughs, splashing around in a fountain, and colorful umbrellas. 

To my lovers and my haters:


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